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Phelps Development Services

Community Design & Development

Master Planning

Sustainable Design

Civil Engineering

Landscape Design

Construction Services


  • Review owner / buyer development goals and exit strategies  

  • Analyze market data in a competitive landscape   

  • Develop siteplan alternatives 

  • Create analytical and valuation tools to optimize design layout and return on investment 

  • Solicit suitable business partners and/or potential sources of debt and/or equity


  • Market Demographics - Demand

  • Highest and Best Use

  • Site Design

  • Identify Property Constraints

  • Grading, Drainage, Roadways & Utility Plans (...whatever civil Engineering you may need, we got you!)

  • Lot Massing

  • Horizontal Construction Cost


  • Perform initial site due diligence to determine existing conditions and entitlements 

  • Design conceptual site layouts to determine optimal building massing    

  • Design schematics with preliminary grading, drainage, and circulation plan

  • Prepare utility design layout alternatives  

  • Provide vertical design team with site plan alternatives 

  • Manage city and/or county application submittal process and negotiations 

  • Design and submit final plat  

  • Prepare final design and construction documentation


Site Optimization:

  • Absorption

  • Revenue

  • Entitlement and Design Cost

  • Horizontal Construction Cost

  • Financing Availability

  • Equity Requirement

  • Return on Investment

  • Valuation 


  • Develop and manage RFP process and solicit qualified contractors 

  • Manage contract negotiations and project schedule

  • Administer construction schedule, and budget/draw process

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